Integrate the best of software technology into a flexible IT system for a revolutionary new human resource management experience.

3 Business platforms

The best technology

Web and cloud technology

Single database

Software and mobile apps

Artificial intelligence

Personnel portal

Approval workflow

Documentation and signature

HR analytics

Hardware & IOT

60 Application modules
web and mobile applications

Endless possibilities to configure the HR process management environment that best suits your goals.

Realise your HR strategy

Zucchetti HR software platforms offer you maximum innovation and flexibility.
Or make the most of investments by integrating individual software and specific features for each company manager with the systems already present in the company.

License or Cloud?

Zucchetti HR software is at your disposal with the delivery method you prefer.
Furthermore, by creating an integrated ecosystem with professionals and associations, you can outsource processes and work in outsourcing or insourcing mode, while maintaining all the advantages of the platform.