Predict risks before dealing with them

Every business puts you in front of risk. A risk that cannot be completely eliminated, but must be foreseen, anticipated and overcome with constance and attention.

The Zucchetti HR Risk & Audit software was created precisely to support you in achieving your goals, respecting mandatory and voluntary requirements and improving the performance of management systems.

Ready for any risk

Risk Management is a real integrated system for risk management based on the ISO 31000 standard.

What if something goes wrong?

Incident management allows you to promptly manage any non-compliance or anomaly, by involving all concerned parties as quickly as possible and activating the procedures to resolve them.

Improvement. Every day.

Learn from mistakes and manage a systematic, independent, documented audit process.
For continuous improvement.

Improvement. Every day. Improvement. Every day.

Quality has new standards

Procedures and regulations? Certifications? External audit? With Zucchetti HR you are always ready to guarantee compliance for each management system.

A checklist
so as not to forget

Checklists are the simplest and safest method for objective and controlled audits. With the predefined checklists of the Zucchetti Audit software, you can check in the field via app. Fight the habit factor!

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