A single database for all HR software.

Getting to know your people is the first step toward enhancing them.
To do this, you must always have complete, correct and up-to-date data available.
In every process.

Thanks to the Zucchetti HR single database
you have the answer you are looking for.

Once and for all!

The single database allows you to have all the information in a single place and available for each software without inputing them again.

  • Updated data
  • Aligned applications
  • Automatic updates
  • No inputing

Work in a simple way.

Why waste time updating data and software that does not speak to each other?
Streamline tasks, reduce routine and low value-added work and focus on what really matters.

Time Management
Total Reward

People centric

Each person is the protagonist of different processes.
So why do you have to use different logins, software or profiles at your company?

One data archive.
Your world.

The flexibility of Zucchetti HR lies in the possibility to manage everyone in your business ecosystem: employees as well as applicants, trainees, managers and supervisors, external consultants, suppliers and contractors.

Maximum protection of your data

Thanks to high quality standards and widespread user profiling, Zucchetti HR platforms guarantee maximum data security and have obtained ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018 and ISO27701 certification.