Health and safety at work always!

Ensuring health and safety at work is a revolution that we must win. This is not just a regulatory requirement, but an opportunity to improve processes, increase productivity, avoid unexpected costs.

Above all invest in people, the most important resource of the company.

For this Zucchetti HR integrates the best health, safety and security technologies for your company.

Your company,
in perfect health

Health protocol, regular check-ups, due dates and verification of suitability and prescriptions.
All data update the worker's medical record.

Trained, informed, fit.

Information is the first step towards safety. With Safety Solution you manage the training protocol in the classroom and in the field for each type of worker.
Thanks to the integration of Zucchetti HR, this information is useful for planning a shift on a machine or accessing a company area.

Contracts? No interference!

When workers from outside (contract and sub-contract) enter the company, the employer becomes responsible. With Safety Solution you manage documents, suitableness, deadlines and dynamically draft DUVRI and POS.

Checking at gates

Badging terminals, barriers, gates, turnstiles, electronic locks: based on suitability and permits, the badge allows entry.

Collection point:
Are we all here?

In the event of evacuation, workers stamp their badges at a special terminal to confirm their presence.

You are not using your PPE!

Vending machines allow the worker to collect his/her PPE by using the badge. The sensors applied allow you to check if the worker is using them.

Connected and safe means

IoT technologies for real-time vehicle checks: geolocation, license plate reading for access and anti-collision systems to avoid accidents.

Access control
Access with smartphone app
Smart reception and visitors
Turnstiles and gates
Electronic locks
Keys management
License plates reading and parking lots
Temperature control
Counting at entrances
Fire-prevention systems
Anti-intrusion systems
Video Surveillance

The revolution of 360° security

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