This is normal.

Think about how many emails you have received today. The phone calls. Your to do lists written on a piece of paper.

Now think of a single virtual work space that knows who you are and allows you to work and communicate in a new and personalised way, whatever your role at the company.

This is a revolution!

  • Profiled access
  • Tasks and notifications
  • Processes and workflow
  • Personal documents
  • Communication

The portal is your personal assistant

Every day it simplifies your work with daily tasks and notifications about your tasks, it shows you the deadlines you have to meet, your personal data and documents.

Bespoke for you

The portal is customised according to your company profile!

HR Manager?

Health and Safety Officer?


Administrative personnel?

Manual Worker?

Useful information, documents of competence and tasks to be carried out are profiled for each one.

What you need. 
When you need it.

Everyone at the company accesses the Zucchetti HR software they are authorised to access.

You can thus offer H24 self-service to staff to decentralise and make processes efficient:

from updating of bank account, entry of expense sheets, timesheets or absence justifications.


Workflow… and everything flows

Workflow logic and approval processes are standardised and made more efficient thanks to automatic notifications, control dashboards and rules based on the company organisation chart, shared by all software.

Communication in every sense

Circulars, guides, regulations or ...
a happy birthday video!
With the portal you can reach whoever you want with a click.

You can also create your own virtual desk to receive reports or requests from people at the company.

For those who believe in collaboration

Thanks to integration with Cisco Webex, the portal evolves with 1 to 1 or group chats and video conferencing.

Indispensable for the success of smart working, distributed projects and work groups.

Your company anywhere!

All this on any device you can imagine.

Advanced desktops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, screens, totems and clocking in devices.

Thanks to the mobile ready technology Zucchetti HR has no limits.