Overcome the biggest challenges!

Time is an essential resource at the company, but managing it in the best way to maintain quality and optimise costs can be complex.

Thanks to HR Cost & Planning software, we offer you an integrated system that can improve the organisation of tasks, integrating the value of people and management components to increase productivity.

Cost data like you've never seen it before

Think of a personnel cost and budget software that openly captures cost components from every source. It is not limited to quantitative data but tells you the reason for every change. It allows you to predict the future with unlimited forecast and budget.

All this is Open Budget & Cost software

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I see. I forecast. I plan.
And much more too.

Anticipating what will happen tomorrow?

With the ZForecast software and its artificial intelligence applied to staff sizing, you use the historical data of your business to predict needs. Thus planning becomes automatic and flexible.

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With the right people.
In the right place.

Does Marco have the right skills? How many hours have it been since Carmen's last shift? Did Luca take the safety course? Simple but substantial questions to plan shifts and activities in a productive and fair way.

ZScheduling software takes all business rules to offer you the best planning.

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The calendar is shared

No more bulletin boards and printouts. The calendar is visible to all operators via pc, totem and mobile app, to ensure timely sharing and immediate management of changes.

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Last minute changes?

The supervisor and the worker can inform each other about unexpected absences via app. The software proposes the most suitable replacements based on rules.

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Check times.
Improve your performances.

With ZTimesheet you can record the hours of work to report on the performance of each activity and thus verify the profitability of projects, orders, construction sites. Both at the company and remotely to monitor the objectives of Smart Workers.

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What kind of timesheet are you?

A single Timesheet management software package - with many ways to monitor working hours.
For a better fit with your company and its processes.

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HR Cost Planning Timesheet

Answers for each sector

Integrated and agile processes:
this is the secret

Zucchetti HR is not just software solutions.
We support you with re-engineering of processes from an agile and integrated perspective.
For a complete management that gives you tangible results.

Our HR Digital Transformation consultants are at your disposal!