If you now use apps to chat, book, shop online, manage your home remotely ...why not use them for HR and personnel management too?

With more and more users connected at any time and from any device, enterprise-wide use of apps it is now a necessity to have efficient, digital processes to encourage communication and engagement.

  • ZConnect App
  • All devices
  • Vertical apps

Each process becomes mobile

With Zucchetti HR you have access to a world of apps to make people's communication and activities smart, extending the typical functions of any HR software to work anywhere, even offline.

Ready for some news?

ZConnect App: for a closer company

ZConnect brings together useful features of the Zucchetti HR software (Infinity and Project line) and the portal in a single app, thus providing 24-hour useful services and information to staff and managers.

You choose what to activate.

Many functions.
One app.

The staff connects and reads the latest company press release, downloads the payslip, clocks in, fills out the timesheet and expense report. The manager approves overtime or publishes the shift schedule. These are just a few examples of what you can do with ZConnect.

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PC? Notice board?
No thanks!

Think about workers without fixed computer workstations, traveling staff, shift workers, sales representatives or on site operators: it’s not always easy to reach and get all of your employees involved.

With an app it is possible.
and simple.

Intercept digital natives

Everyone has a smartphone.

If we talk about new generations and promising talented workers, apps become fundamental for engagement and employee experience.

The company in your pocket.
And on your wrist.

App ZConnect Huawei

The ZConnect App is available at all stores for smartphones and tablets.
Now also on Huawei smartwatches!
For an even more revolutionary contact experience.

Zucchetti HR.
Lots of other vertical apps!

Zucchetti HR's mobile revolution does not end here and includes many other apps with specific functions:

  • ZWorkspace: for booking parking spaces, workstations and assets;
  • Skillato: for e-learning in gamification logic;
  • Beaconforce: for climate analyses and analysing the degree of corporate engagement